A bright and colorful DIWALI…around the corner!!

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kids lookbook diwali look love indian wear omaira colors fun - A bright and colorful DIWALI...around the corner!!Happy Happy days people!!

Hows the shopping going on?
Have you shopped everything…think..think..there’s something you must have forgotton as the Diwali is always too long!! I bet you all will agree…
This festival is an universal festival, the most beautiful part is that where ever you live, where ever you doesn’t stop…its like a wave of happiness in Indians (even non Indians) through out the world.
I will love to read festival checklist of each and every one…please kindly share as that will surely remind me what all have I forgotten?…hehehehe 😉

kids lookbook diwali look love indian wear omaira colors fun 2 - A bright and colorful DIWALI...around the corner!!

The most important of any Diwali shopping or celebration is TO BE SAFE…this is a festival during which everyone is really high on energy & that’s the reason everybody should be extra careful…please be a little more vigilant…ok ok leaving the serious topics behind let’s starts today’s Diwali blog-o-episode!!(my original word liked it?)
As I promised everyone I will be showcasing another Diwali look which is again different and breaks the monotony. We generally wear very colourful clothes during this festival…so, I thought why can’t we do something unusual and then planned today’s look…let’s check it out!
Here, I blended the most classic colour – white along with a palate of multiple colours – green, blue, red etc etc.
As you all can see this look is another twisted version of the common Diwali looks as here O is wearing a short white kurta with multi coloured thread embroidery over the neckline and the bottom….which made her look traditional yet really trendy!!

kids lookbook diwali look love indian wear omaira colors fun white mutilcolored - A bright and colorful DIWALI...around the corner!!

I mingled it up with a white colour churidar pants which really blended well. Tmake it more fun & festive I added a silver plated bracelet in her hand along with the best part of the entire look, I just loved it, was really bowled over…ok ok I will not stretch it any further….I added this multi colour beaded kamar bandh with a silver plated hanging at one side…trust me it lifted up the entire look within seconds…I have always loved kamar bandhs as its very traditional yet uber urban…adds such a zing to any attire over any age….amazing!!

kids lookbook diwali look love indian wear omaira colors fun multicolored - A bright and colorful DIWALI...around the corner!!

I wish I cab reverse the time for one hour…ok two hours (I know I know I am a little greedy) and go back to live those moments again…ahhhh….I wish!!

I request rather beg all the parents that don’t take away these tiny little pleasures from your child as this all they will have while growing up…take them where they want to go…let them do what they want to do….be aroung them & keep a check on them!

kids lookbook diwali look love indian wear omaira colors fun 1 - A bright and colorful DIWALI...around the corner!!

To put the entire look perfectly together along with silver bracelet and silver hanging Kamar bandh, I used up these silver glittery sandals along with this attire…her hair are really getting curly so to keep them neat I tied them up half way with the help of tick pins and they really worked…as her maggie hair were looking nice!!

Diwali made me a poet again..another trial from my side….hope you liked it..check it out

Diwali is coming…
Birds are humming…
Kids are ohhh so happy…
Make them look super trendy & snappy
Kidslookbook will be there with you
And will make all your dreams come true…

This was another Diwali look from my side, hope you liked, I am sure you would loved it..any if you have please share your kind comments. Like, share and comment on us on Facebook and Instagram as everyday is festival for us if you will support us!!

Have a great day ahead!!
Did you know?
Diwali is an official holiday in various other countries except india and those countries are Fiji, Guyana, India, Malaysia, Mauritius,Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and recently Sindh Province in Pakistan. Interesting right?

Quick tip: Not only on ethnic wear tie a multi coloured kamar bandh on a plain white or black dress along with a silver braoch…it will look beautiful and super out of the block…what do you think?


Kurta :: Amazon
White churidar pants :: Firstcry
Accessories (headgear used as waist band ) :: Firstcry
Silver sandals :: Hopscotch
Accessories (hair clips) :: Firstcry || Flipkart (silver bracelet)










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