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Hi everyone!

We would like to introduce ourselves as a pair of crazy twins – M (Madhvi) & W (Wardha) which makes us MW- Megawatt with high voltage and super current. Adding another unit to this circuit is Omairah – M’s one and a half year old daughter and our true inspiration.

We all three will complete this fashion circuit – connecting jaw dropping daily looks, fun activities, DIY’s and many more to create a spark to brighten up our fashion fetish. In this circuit, the web of our ideas will flow through your brain and boom!

Our true power source the naughty Omaira will generate the voltage which will lighten up your thoughts to this fashion voyage.

Help us to complete this circuit to create the shock waves of fashion and unlimited fun.

We are so sure that you all will love this tingling touch of kids fashion. Hope to read a lot of your wants and wishes in the comment box below as your wish is our command!!!
Thank you so much for reading this blog. let’s write, share to make our kids fashionistas!