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Good morning people!!

I hope all of you are doing fine today!!

I think weekends are very important for every parent as they get a chance to spend some quality time with their kids. So, keeping this in time I thought of doing fun reviews of restaurants to make sure parents & kids can enjoy together!!

another fine - Another Fine day...

Yesterday, we went to a restaurant by the name of ANOTHER FINE DAY, Gurugram Delhi…honestly, it is not a restaurant, it’s more of a cafe….but a very well spaced & a beautiful place. Its very well designed and has a lot of entertainment elements in it. It has a mix of classy sofas to fun tall chairs but the most fun part was the book shelf as it had a interesting spread of books and comics which can entertain all age groups.

Another Fine Day Gurgaon 4 500x305 1 - Another Fine day...

I will grace this place as a 4 out 5 star when it comes to kid friendliness as It had…all I needed to keep my naughty one busy…books, games, toys & comfortable seating. Basic engaging books like pictionaries to light hearted comics every thing was there, It also had exciting games like smaller version of foosball, snakes & ladders which was just right for kids & adults both.

Another Fine Dayjpg - Another Fine day...

They didn’t had a separate menu for kids but still the cookies and other deserts in a jar were perfect for kids as they were less on sugar but really tasty. The only part I was not very comfortable about was the common loo as it is shared by other restaurants as well, it was clean but still…

I hope you & your kids will also like this place as its really a nice place to hang out…for any other query please leave your kind comment below or mail me at ….have a great day ahead and keep smiling 🙂





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