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kids lookbook fun fashion pink beachlove 3 - BEACHLOVE...:)

Good afternoon everyone!!!

Packing and unpacking after a holiday trip….takes longer than moon & back…..it is never ending!!!

Let’s ignore my everyday’s fights & battles….let’s start with today’s blog….as you all must have read in my earlier blog that me and my husband both are water enthusiasts & so is Omaira….in destinations like Mumbai visiting a beach site is always a must!!! Right people?

kids lookbook omaira fun fashion pink beachlove play date look - BEACHLOVE...:)

I took O to Worli Sea Face…and you all should have looked at her face…it was over exciting!!!
Its more of a family holiday spot kind of a place as families enjoy some OUR time with each other at the stoned pavements enjoying the beautiful breeze….& of course munching & chit chatting 😉

It was a little gloomy, windy hey were so many kids playing around that she got really happy…loved that look on her face…touchwood!!

kids lookbook beach fashion pink fun - BEACHLOVE...:)

I thought of keeping it easy and casual for my doll so that she can enjoy every moment of it…so I dressed her up in this dark pink breathable cottony shirt dress….actually T-shirt dress which I bought from………………….had a very cool girl friends(girls + friends) printed over it, it was awesomely beautified by denim patches here and there – on the caps…on the trousers etc etc
I loved the bubble sleeves as it added too much fun to her look and as you all know I am never done I added this pink braided belt on the top which actually gave it a bod & a beautiful effect!! Honestly it is a hairband which I twisted & used up as a belt….cool na!!!
To add more zingy flavour to it….I topped it up with pink suede ankle length boots with white satin laces….I just love ankle boots as I think they are the most amazing accessory in anybody’s wardrobe any age….any place!!!

kids lookbook fun fashion pink beachlove 2 - BEACHLOVE...:)

Do you all agree…I am really thinking of buying one for myself as they will make you stand out beat it be worn any attire.

She really enjoyed herself as she behaved like a free bird who will fly high high ….way above the sky (another one liner…..hehehehe)
I hope you liked this casual breezy look…everyone should visit Mumbai as its really a city of dreams…fun. Stay tuned for more such visits and more chapters of this fun filled travel diary….enjoy your day 🙂
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Did you know?
Mumbai sea link, officially known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link has a length of around 5.6 km, it is an architectural-wonder as it was made with 90,000 tons of cement and steel wire comparable to the girth of the earth.
Quick tip: Tuck the same T-shirt inside a straight denim skirt along with two cat ponies…and I bet my fortune that it will meaowwww cute.


Pink printed dress :: Hopscotch (similar)
Accessories (pink belt) :: Myntra (similar)
Shoes :: Hopscotch

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