BFF…buddies always together!!

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kids lookbook omaira playdate look fun friends love - BFF...buddies always together!!

Hi everyone..happy Thursday!!

Today, I am very moody shoody and want to enjoy all colour palates ranging from white to black to pink to greens as all of them are just so beautiful…

Colours make you happy when sad, lift you up when you are doing bad!

So let’s play with them when you get a chance, run around and dance.

Another snappy trial! Liked it??

Ohh very important…I forgot to share that my miss mermaid will be going to a new play group from today….she seems really thrilled. These play groups are a big stepping stone for our little ones as its builds a basic ground for good habits and manners. I read a very cute bed time story yesterday to her which revolved around friendship between the most adorable cartoon characters – Daisy Duck (quack quack I am back!) & Minnie Mouse, they have been in our lives since like me being me… thought of dressing O up..pulling the inspiration from them.

kids lookbook omaira play date  minnie best friends fashion - BFF...buddies always together!!

I also tried to teach her the importance of time and friendship – melting moments and letting go times, standing with each other always!! (I am sure you all agree…super important)

I am sure by now Omaira must have dreamt to be the Daisy Duck and her best friend to be the Minnie Mouse always running late but still are BFF’s at the end.

So, being her dream catcher and getting inspired from these Disney Divas Disney divas always wearing white, pinks & reds, I also dressed her up in this super cute amalgamation of white and an OshKosh B’gosh blue printed skater skirt with a twin blue elasticated accented bought from , I think skater skirts are really this generation garment as its flary and loosely pleated – casual and cool!


kidslookbook white floral skirt and pink tshirt summer lookbook playdate look 1 - BFF...buddies always together!!

Suitable for the day time, I paired it up with a light pink T shirt with dark green bands on the sleeves along with a big green embroidered logo on the top left from This cotton based attire will keep her easy and breathable as we all know its really hot outside.

In the beginning, I got really confused what shoes should I mix up with it (as Daisy & Minnie wears pinks and reds all the time!) but later to keep it balanced I added these supremely classic LCL by Walkinlifestyle Mary Jane T strap shoes along with a white & black sheer bow hair band on her head bought from Mitra.

a - BFF...buddies always together!!

I hope you liked it as everyone knows Daisy very well ..right people?

Thank you so much for reading this, disrupt the monotony as it brings more crazy ideas and fun…..keep disrupting …keep it fun..

Please leave you kind comments and do write whats disruption to you, as I would love to read your stories and make a crazy cocktail to be served next time…chow chow

DSC 0372  - BFF...buddies always together!!

Did you know?

Daisy Duck is a character of the duck produced by Walt Disney. Daisy Duck is the girlfriend of Donald Duck. She is characterized by her big ribbon on her head. Her best friend is Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend.

Quick tip: If you are not a big fan of too many colours, couple it up with a plain purple shirt tucked inside and a big pinkish satin bow hair clip to give that casual yet comfortable look exactly like Daisy Duck! Quack quack!!



Skirt :: Hopscotch
Top :: Hopscotch (similar)||Hopscotch (similar)
Headgear (white fairy hairband) :: Hopscotch
Shoes :: Hopscotch
Accessories (watch) :: Hopscotch


4 thoughts on “BFF…buddies always together!!”

  • Mehandi July 27, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Love the look. The fairy hair band adds the right touch of pretty to the smart polo tee to give a perfect look. The colours are just right for the summer and hence it’s a must addition to your kid’s wardrobe in this heat.

    1. kidslookbook July 28, 2017 at 12:49 am

      I totally agree to you that its super hot, to keep it cool and easy, I incorporated light colours to her look and added my favourite hair band charm to it.
      Thanks a ton for your comment & have a great day ahead!!

  • Roopika August 11, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    Lovely combination. I love the polo neck t-shirt. Wonder why it’s just so limited to being a boys’ garment!!?? It looks super cool on girls too. A bit of tomboyish touch complementing the girly skater skirt.
    Good job you & your team is doing by coming across with different flavours of dressing kids!

    1. kidslookbook August 16, 2017 at 9:29 pm

      Firstly, Thank you so much for your enthusiastic comment & sincere apologies for my delayed reply. Reading such a comment makes us even more confident on ourselves & our work….I am really obliged for your kind compliment and I totally agree to you that a tomboyish touch is very peppy, different & ooohh so happening!
      Me & all my team members are really glad that you liked come back to taste different flavours of kids fashion & fun…have a great day ahead 😉


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