Birthday & Blessing for Anaya…

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kidslookbook  pink diy birthday party dress happy birthday look 1 - Birthday & Blessing for Anaya...

Ciao people!!

How are you all, at times I feel I am still a kid at heart as I really get excited when someone invites me to a birthday party.

I know it sounds funny but my Carlie’s angels (me, my husband and obviously Omairah) are invited for the second birthday party of Anaya Arjun Sahu (Our friend Arjun & Shruti’s  daughter). She is so cute and really an angel. Her mother Shruti Arjun Sahu is leading the charts in makeup and beauty blogs and vlogs on her youtube channel and is a true sweetheart!

Will love to know more ..check out ..

kidslookbook  pink diy birthday party dress happy birthday look 6 - Birthday & Blessing for Anaya...

They both hosted the party at Masala Factory in Noida which had a theme of Hello Kitty and the dress code was any bright colour. The entire setup was just too adorable but Anaya was a show stealer as she looked breath taking in her pink uneven frilly gown.

The most awe-inspiring was her infectious smile which automatically lit up the entire ambiance. As I mentioned earlier, my Charlie’s angels had some needed me time as we all met our bunch of old friends and made some new ones. As you can see the Sahu and the Shukla couple along with us handling the paparazzi (just kidding!!)

kidslookbook  pink diy birthday party dress happy birthday look 2 - Birthday & Blessing for Anaya...

Shruti & Arjun planned the set up quite smartly as the balloon filled play area was kept at a corner and kids were really enjoying it, giving a little breather to their parents (specially mother…I bet you agree).

Every little detail was taken care of from colour of the interiors, colour of the balloons to specially designed Ms. Kitty birthday cake which looked really yummy and was indeed very tasty!

Now, coming back to the show stealer – Anaya, she wore a pink uneven frilly dress which had a big bow at its back along with golden gladiator sandals which looked perfect with her attire and kept her really comfortable to run around!

Want to know more about this DIY Princess dress : 

kidslookbook  pink diy birthday party dress happy birthday look 5 - Birthday & Blessing for Anaya...

Anaya has beautiful locks (like goldilocks) and they were tied in a low curly bun with a beautiful floral hairclip at the side and few butterfly hair clip to finish and enhance her bun at the back. I think she was looking like an angel touchwood!

kidslookbook  pink diy birthday party dress happy birthday look3 - Birthday & Blessing for Anaya...

Did you know?

Hello Kitty made her debut in 1974. Which makes her 38-years-old in people years. Her birthday is November 1st, making her a Scorpio and her actual name is “Kitty White.”

I had an amazing time and I am really thankful to Shruti & Arjun for these lovely moments! I hope you liked it to and if you do please share your incredible moments at the parties you have been to as I will love to know them all.

Quick tip: All the parents should plan their kid’s birthday party around a theme as it become super fun to follow it and every age group can easily relate to it. Loved it!!







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