Boy or Girl…Joy for the World !!!

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DSC 0021  - Boy or Girl...Joy for the World !!!

Today I have tons of excitement and confusion in my little head as I am dedicating this blog to my very close friend and buddy in crime – Nupur, who is by the God’s grace stepping into the world of motherhood very soon!

I am telling she looks so adorable with that bump that I can’t stop talking about it…touchwood!

While writing this blog I was so puzzled as nobody’s knows is she expecting a gorgeous girl or a beautiful boy. So, I decided to balance my act and do a look which will justify both genders.

The most difficult was when “O” asked me ,”where do babies come from ?”. So, told her the same old story that GOD send them from skies.I am sure you must have said the story to some kid in your life.

After listening to this “O” started looking at the skies with the cute pout of hers.

kidslookbook  pink shirt and blue shorts daytime fun summer playdate look 3 - Boy or Girl...Joy for the World !!!

I penned down a lot of thoughts (ohh maybe I never told all of you but I make a lot of do’s lists ) and finally got enlightened when I saw O’s picture book which talked about a sister – brother duo.

As an old idea that colour pink is for girls and blue is for boys, I marked the use of both the iconic colours for this look…(trust me blue is for everyone all around the world)

 I chose this dark pink Benetton T shirt along with a peacock bluish high wasted shorts which I bought from (MiniKlub-Smart-Solid-Blue-Shorts), the most amazing was the fastener (buttons) at the sides of the looked so catchy and out of the box kind of finishing!

babies with nipple - Boy or Girl...Joy for the World !!!

Ohh I forgot to mention that I lost my heart once again last week (no no no..not to another man but to a pair of shoe…hehhehe) immediately bought these pink suede ankle length boots for O and can’t get over it as I just lovvvv them and they blended perfectly with this attire. So, I incorporated them and was super thrilled.

I got so carried away in the balancing the look that I forgot for a second that Omaira is actually a girl. So, to keep the girly charm intact I added this sparkly golden big bow clip on her head along with this golden and copper chain bracelet. I shared my blog with Nupur and she was happy like a child herself. So, here is my post to express that weather it’s a girl or a boy…pink or blue..every baby is just a blessing for! (for a change, a meaningful one liner!)

I hope all the fathers and mothers agree to me and liked this blog..if you do please share your deep thoughts and kind comments as its a fuel to my happiness!!!

kidslookbook  pink shirt and blue shorts daytime fun summer playdate look - Boy or Girl...Joy for the World !!!

Did you know?

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (translation: Save girl child, educate girl child) is a social campaign of the Government of India that aims to generate awareness regarding child sex ratio and improve the efficiency of welfare services intended for girls.

Quick tip: Tuck in a bright coloured like yellow/ orange cold shoulder top and make two cat ponies with the same colour towel rubber bands and here go go the cutest kitty model is all ready to meaaaaow!!


Shorts :: Hopscotch
Top :: First cry (similar)||Firstcry (similar)
Headgear (glitter head bow) :: FirstCry
Shoes :: Hopscotch
Accessories (Cat brooch) :: Amazon





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