Coffee & Peplum …makes Fashion fun !!!

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kids lookbook omaira fun fashion cafe look blue peplum jeans - Coffee & Peplum ...makes Fashion fun  !!!

Hello all you beautiful people!

As you must have understood by now that I am true coffee (and tea lover!). Honestly, sipping something hot keeps me going. I am glad me and my husband share at least one common interest – coffee!

The weather was really cool and windy so we decided to go out for a cup of coffee at my favourite place – Another Fine Day, a cozy restaurant with uber cool interiors…

“O” was so amazed to see a big clock over there..trying to read the numbers. she has such a cute pout while trying hard to figure out whats the time.

DSC 0608 - Coffee & Peplum ...makes Fashion fun  !!!

“O” found a pose-able wooden artist doll lying on the shelf and played with it like a pro (as you all can see!) she moved her hand and feet to try out new poses…ran all around with it and it was difficult to catch her! As always…

To give that light evening look to Omaira I chose to play around with the hidden power of peplum. So, I paired a Osh Kosh B’gosh (bought from Hopscotch) classic blue denims along with fun layery blue silk noodle strap peplum top which adds that element of drama to my drama queen.

kids lookbook omaira cafe look blue peplum fashion fun jeans - Coffee & Peplum ...makes Fashion fun  !!!

I don’t have words to explain as the denim is so well stitched and fitted her super well!..Peplum is not only a fun fashion but it’s even more fun when you try to fit it into a sentence. Quickly try it say “Peplum packs a powerful punch” five times!!

Ok people I give up as its really a tongue twister..try it come on!

Peplum can actually redefine your baby’s personality and make her look out of the ordinary.

I teamed up this twisty look with a strapy sandals along with a white colour big rose flower hair clip and last but not the least a scarf bought from Chumbak.(similar)

h 1 - Coffee & Peplum ...makes Fashion fun  !!!

I love scarves as I feel they take you from chic to classic, Peach to peppy so I tied a blue and white polka dot one with a strap of the peplum and here she is perfect diva for a perfect outing.

I hope you liked this blog…thank you so much for reading. Do buy these human pose-able dolls for your angels as it can really help to understand the body movements. Do write to me about your coffee dates and coffee shops you like as I will  love to visit them whenever I can…bbye see you!!


Did you know?

The oldest known pair of Levi’s jeans were found in 1997 and were 100 years old. First name for jeans was “waist overalls”.

Quick tip: Don a thin box pleated pastel shade like peach skirt under this pleated frilly peplum top and you will get a lot of pleats and a super fashion treat.


Denims :: Hopscotch
Peplum Top :: Hotshot kids (kids boutique)
Headgear (floral clip) :: Hopscotch || First cry
Shoes :: Hopscotch (Sale%)
Accessories :: Hopscotch 







4 thoughts on “Coffee & Peplum …makes Fashion fun !!!”

  • Wardha July 12, 2017 at 4:00 am

    Hands down quirky and fun…I just fell in love with the entire setting…peplum top is very trendy n with a pair of jeans…its just too much!!!
    I really loved it keep it up …looking forward for more always 🙂

    1. kidslookbook July 25, 2017 at 9:46 pm

      Thank you so much for your appreciation..I agree with you that peplum and jeans are really very trendy for all ages..keep following us and we will surprise you every time!

  • Pragya July 12, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    “O” looks lovely!! I love her top and the scarf. Wish I was a kid to try this outfit.

    1. kidslookbook July 25, 2017 at 9:25 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words as it really keeps us going..try it out on you and I am sure you will love it! 😉


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