Fun in the SUN….woohoo!!

kidslookbook omaira summer lookbook fun beach lookbook jeans and hat  - Fun in the SUN....woohoo!!

Hello mothers & fathers!!!

I am on my toes almost all the time these days….i am sure you know the obvious reason my little bag of naughtiness – Omaira but she’s a partial reason…the other bothering reason is Weather these days!!!

kidslookbook omaira summer lookbook fun playdate lookbook jeans and hat  - Fun in the SUN....woohoo!!

Its always so hot & humid and O being O its always super hard to feed her & keep her hydrated. Liquids preferably healthy home made drinks are the best options – fresh juices, lassi and others.

On the other hand I am big fan of Mr. SUN as it graces us with most important Vitamin D which is generally deficient in Indians.
So, I encourage a limited exposure of sun and tried teaching O that summers are good…. keeping up with that thought I am doing a sun rather sun sunnny….hehehe….photoshoot today.

kidslookbook omaira summer lookbook fun playdate look lookbook jeans and spegetti look - Fun in the SUN....woohoo!!

For this I dressed my doll in a something which is cool and casual – a pair of classic Blue jeans along with a spegetti top for which I chose a very subtle summary colour light beigish golden.
Sun hat is the most needed and a most cherished accessories with such a combo & most importantly such a weather. So, I got this beige boat hat which has a stunning black self designed net lining over it finished with a black ribbon running all around which made my baby look like a true stunner!!! Don’t you think ???
To blend it further I added this black Mary Jane strap shoes which went perfectly with the summary attire.
I think accessories add that edgey edge to every look so, I topped this look with a golden pine cone shaped pendant and a chain in her neck along with a golden charm bracelet in her hand….I think beige + golden + black + denim …makes it ooooh la la type of a combo….what do you think?

kidslookbook omaira summer lookbook fun playdate lookbook jeans and hat - Fun in the SUN....woohoo!!

I’m sure by now you must have started looking for hats as I know you will love this look…so surely leave your sweet comments below as summer is supreme & surprising!!!

kidslookbook omaira summer lookbook fun goa hat lookbook jeans and sunglasses - Fun in the SUN....woohoo!!now?
Death Valley in the Mojave Desert of California, is dry, parched and seemingly lifeless. At night, though, many animals, including snakes, reptiles, mice, bobcats and even bighorn sheep live here. Death Valley holds the record for the highest temperature ever directly recorded – not by satellite – of 134 degrees.

Quick tip: only tip I have today is to keep your kids hydrated with lots of fresh watery drinks – water, coconut water, lime water, fruit water etc etc as to keep them safe is always the first priority.


Top (spaghetti top) :: Amazon
jeans :: Hopscotch || Amazon 
Shoes :: Hopscotch  || Myntra
Accessories (neck piece) :: Snapdeal || Snapdeal (bracelet)




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