I LOVE to Travel…Do You??

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kids lookbook travel love airportlook omaira backack fly - I LOVE to Travel...Do You??

Alohaaa people!!!

How are you all..enjoying this festival season with all the hallaaa hooosss and shor sharabaasss…sorry my never dying Punjabi spirit took the control…hiii everyone I am back in my sane avtaar with yet another festive blog but this time its a little different as I will be showcasing Omaira’s first ever airport look!!! Yes yes just like top notch celebrities my baby also get clicked by paparazzi… Just kidding its just me 😉

kids lookbook travel love airportlook omaira airplanes fun - I LOVE to Travel...Do You??

Now, you all must be thinking where are we heading to with this little traveller…we are going to Mumbai to her grand parents house (Dadaji & Dadiji’s house) yupieeeee!!!!
Little traveller was not alone as she took her partner in crime…na na not her daddy darling but another little traveller toy – TIHEN the tiger…ya that’s what she calls him….TIHEN…TIHEN…its really hilarious seriously!

kids lookbook travel love airportlook omaira backack - I LOVE to Travel...Do You??

Yesterday, when I packed for her….I had a super hard time deciding the perfect clothes & accessories for her first airport look but finally after using the little brain I have 😉 …..I merged this unique coloured teal blue cotton trousers along with a pink and blue printed V strapy neckline top and as you are witnessing it…it looked really adorable!!
Being a mother first and a stylist later…I thought of a jacket to cover her up as I knew it will be cold at the airport as well as inside the aircraft!!
So, to go perfectly with this teal blue colour combo I added this formal black full sleeve coat jacket which blended amazingly…to make it more catchy and peppy I added this vintagy glass mask pin broach on her jacket collar and coupled it along with black Mary jane T strap shoes which made her look like a formalised casualised (my ventured word…heheheh) Diva…a true diva!!! What’s say….do you agree???

kids lookbook teal chhinos and black blazer airport look - I LOVE to Travel...Do You??

I am so excited to travel with her as I promise this trip will be full of surprises and moments…sweet & naughty moments…never seen & ventured moments….fashion & fun all in one!!!

kids lookbook travel love airportlook fun tiger and pooh omaira - I LOVE to Travel...Do You??

I hope you liked her first airport look and if you do please surely share your airport diaries and looks as I just love reading them!!!

Did you know?
As many as 40 million aka 40000000 passengers used the IGIA – Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi to reach 58 domestic and 62 international destinations in 2014-2015….wow that’s a lot of zerooosssss!!

Quick tip : If not at the airport but going to any party…just change the colour of the jacket over this teal blue trouser and top…it goes from being a classic to a casual combo…try it!!


Teal color Pants :: Flipkart
Teal color top :: Amazon
Black blazer :: Myntra || Amazon
Accessories (hair clips) :: Firstcry || Flipkart (silver bracelet)
Shoes :: Flipkart









2 thoughts on “I LOVE to Travel…Do You??”

  • Ritika November 1, 2017 at 10:29 am

    I loved d Airport look

    1. kidslookbook November 1, 2017 at 10:43 am

      Thank you so much for your kind appreciation as it really pushes us to design and deliver beautiful & meaningful content for beautiful people like you!!
      You just gave us a chance to enjoy & dance as every single feedback means the world to us!! Thank you so much once again & we are elated that you liked the look. Please keep coming back for more fun & fashionable looks!! Keep smiling always 🙂


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