Let PEACE begin with ME!!

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kidslookbook omaira white and pink daytime garden playdate look  look  angel lookbook - Let PEACE begin with ME!!


A very warm hello people!!

I am sure by now atleast 80 % of the parents must have read today’s newspaper and already started worrying about various disagreements and rivalries mentioned in it……. weather its inter country rivalry (between political parties), Intra countries (between two countries) or may be getting irritated by rivalry in your neighborhood or in your close friend circle. I do feel bad and really sad every time I read about it but unfortunately………

kidslookbook omaira white and pink daytime garden look  angel look - Let PEACE begin with ME!!

It all creates direct or indirect unrest in our lives & I feel the only way to actually solve this issue is to be compassionate & deal with any situation with peace.
I really think a moral value like to be patient and dealing with things peacefully should be taught from early childhood with setting right examples and doing small activities in front of your kids.

Firstly, as a human and then being a parent I will like to help Omaira to be a better person and learn these values soon…..So, today on the occasion of “International Day of Peace” I thought of doing a photo shoot which will give her a glimpse of peace & the elements around it.

kidslookbook omaira white and pink daytime garden playdate look  look  fairy floral and world peace day - Let PEACE begin with ME!!


Our Kids are aware about a lot o f things but I make a point to tell her about new days & all important events Nationally as well as Internationally. I have drawn this big table chart and pasted on the wall …. I keep updating it every time I get a chance.

Drawing my inspiration from our national flag I thought of doing a white colour theme based look. White colour represents honesty, Purity & Peace so, planned this white look along with a Pinkish touch which adds that soft playful Pinkish layer to this look.

Today’s attire is an amalgamation of this pure white A line dress which is accented with this Kiroshia lace neckline as well as a belt line which makes it look really a stunner!!
To lift up the look I coupled it with Pink satin ribbon which I threaded in this Kiroshia Lace and tied it in a bow at the end.
White & pink are really angelic colours so, to grace my angel I connected another Whitish – Pinkish accessory to her look which was a pink and white floral tiara along with these dark and light pink bow Mary Jane shoes which really closed the circle of this mesmerizing look.

kidslookbook omaira white and pink daytime garden playdate look   fairy floral and fun look - Let PEACE begin with ME!!

I tried teaching Omaira about the white & Pink colour and their respective significance to make sure that she know what is the meaning of Peace and harmony.

I hope you liked this look and make sure that you do such small activities revolving around these moral values and their different elements. If you do agree to my approach of teaching these important morals values right from the beginning so, please kindly write to me “What activities will you plan for the same?”.

Did you know?
International Day of Peace. The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Peace iscelebrated on September 21 each year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace. The International Day of Peace is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political.

Quick tip: Add a contrasting coloured netted skirt on the top of this dress and it will add that extra translucent skirting look and trust me it will look really awesome!! try it


Dress :: Firstcry ||FirstCry ||Amazon
Shoes :: Hopscotch ||Myntra
Accessories (floral hairband) :: Firstcry || Firstcry || Kraftly





One thought on “Let PEACE begin with ME!!”

  • Priya October 9, 2017 at 5:18 am

    Another blog which pushed my thoughts to a great extend….according to me if we start incorporating sensitive topics like world peace in our kids life ….I am so sure they will be sorted and most importantly we will be sorted regarding topics like peer pressure, sibling rivalry & so many of them!!
    I must and I really must confess that I am really happy & excited to share such a blog with my 8 year old daughter as it will really make sense to her…keep it up and thanks a ton 🙂


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