LOVE you all …Beach & back..

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KIDSLOOKBOOK Sea beach Fun Sea animals 1 - LOVE you all ...Beach & back..

Hello lovely dovely people!!

Today is a beautiful morning….Delhi is really picking up…a little chilly…a little warm…changing weather which is actually not right for kids as it makes them sick. Be a little careful mommies as they will catch cold and cough very very easily…so, make sure to take all the necessary precautions!!!


KIDSLOOKBOOK Sea beach Fun Sea animals - LOVE you all ...Beach & back..

From the time I have started clicking Omaira I am really in love with my camera…we are buddies in crime…we never leave each other alone and my camera brings that instant smile on my face when I scroll through it.
I was catching up on the pics of our Goa stint and after looking at all the heart melting videos I decided to do this blog today….Omaira’s First beach visit and ohhhhh myyyy Goddddd….my daughter just slipped out of my hands like sand literally. She was like a little mermaid in water and was not ready to step out whatever it takes.

KIDSLOOKBOOK Sea beach Fun Sea animals 4 - LOVE you all ...Beach & back..

I took some precautions before I went to the beach with her as honestly I was quite paranoid about her….I applied a vaseline after she took a bath instead of the regular baby cream as I wanted to make sure that the salty water should not itch her skin. I also chose breathable spandex swimwear and shorts for her so that she can move freely and shouldn’t get drenched in water. I also made sure there should be no loose hanging fasteners which can get stuck here & there which can cause trouble for my little one. Kids gets really tired & hungry while playing in water so, I also kept a little munchies for Omaira and of course for me & my husband which kept us energetic and crazzzzy!!

KIDSLOOKBOOK Sea beach Fun Sea animals 5 - LOVE you all ...Beach & back..

After looking at every single pic I thought….. Ohoooo there are such super cute pics I have clicked….feel like patting my own back & saying “Madhvi you are awesome”…just kidding!!
For this beachy mermaid look I chose classic white with a hint of neon blended in it….I made her wear this white spandex swim suit which was like a romper and had buttons on the shoulder sides and diaper area which made it really easy to put on and remove later. I chose white as I think white is a colour which can be mixed & matched with everything – any other colour, any attire, any style and on any season….and it’s a perfect colour for a day time fun 😉 right ladies??

KIDSLOOKBOOK Sea beach Fun Sea animals 6 - LOVE you all ...Beach & back..

I paired up this swim wear with another spandex shorts which I bought from Decathalon store in Gurgaon….I am telling you that store is must visit as it has so much for new stuff for people of all ages…beat it be young or old. I chose a neony green chevron printed shorts for her which really looked awwwww on her. They were a little over sized but was super comfortable and breathable.

I wanted to tie her hair backwards so that they should not come in her eyes & irritate her…so, I tied them using alot of pins and over the top I used this white two layered pleated hairband which looked ohhh so yummy with the entire beachy look. For obvious reasons there were no footwear used….I tried making her wear these super cute neony pink crocks but I am sure you all know by now….Omiara being Omaira never agreed to it and wanted tohave fun bare feet.

For a change I surrendered to her wishes and let her be…I am a doting mother after all..hehhehehe!!

Did you know?
The oldest swimming stroke is Breaststroke, which is also the slowest stroke swum at the Olympics. Swimming became an Olympic event in 1896.

Quick tip : You can add a fun printed scarf at the waistline of the swim suit as a sarong which will look very very stylish and yet cover her up.


 White  :: Myntra
Floral printed shorts :: Myntra
Accessories (beach straw hat) :: Hopscotch  (similar)
Shoes :: Hopscotchsignature 150x150 - LOVE you all ...Beach & back..Recent posts:


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