Must Reads for Li’l FASHIONISTA’s!

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Hello everyone!!

I have struggled a lot to keep up with the trends and fashion for my little one….I am sure you all agree that It’s hard to keep up! So, to help all of you, I present two of my favorite children’s magazine which are a must read for you and your little ones. Beautiful glossy pictures, latest trends, best toys and DIY tips will surely get you inspired to be most fashion forward parents.

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As you all know that magazines are the most sought after and well circulated mode of reading & seeking knowledge…Imagine a magazine full of super informative kids fashion content which your kids can also read as these magazines doesn’t serve any adult content.

Excited….so, let’s check them out!!

babiekins magazines collage - Must Reads for Li'l FASHIONISTA's!

Babiekins: Babiekins is a trendsetter in children’s fashion, having grown from an online magazine into an internationally recognized print publication with a global circulation. This magazine goes beyond fashion with inspiring lifestyle elements: Books, parties, toys, DIY…you name it and you will have it! The quarterly digital issue is available on the website for free!! Want to check out more…so, here is the link for you, go check it out at

The best part is that there are a lot of amazing pictures to keep your young ones engaged and as I mention the digital issue is available for FREE!!

I am hereby sharing the link with all of you

la petite magazine collage 150x150 - Must Reads for Li'l FASHIONISTA's!

La Petite : La Petit aims to deliver everything you need to create beautiful unforgettable memories for your children. They will give you everything from creativity to imagination which will add that dreamy touch to your child’s fashionable looks. This magazine is a great source of everything from fashion to DIY. All their previous interesting issues are available for free on their website and their current issue is also available at a decent price of 20.99 Euros/year. So, what are you waiting for…go go check it out today at

I am hereby sharing the link with all of you

I hope you found this blog helpful as I think such magazines can encourage every parent and child to be fashionable and learn new trends around the world in a super fun way. In the beginning try & read them with your little ones on a tablet or a laptop and if you love it which I am sure you will buy their subscriptions.

 Do let me know your precious view about these magazines as your comments always graces me with a BIG SMILE.



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