My room, my space…my way !!

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kidslookbook omaira western wear look   summer lookbook fun daytime look party look  playschool look - My room, my way !!

Hello people!

Firstly, I will like to thank everyone as every single share, like & comment as it makes me super happy!!

To begin with, I have a question for everyone today – which is that place in the entire world which gives you that much needed relaxation & peace of mind….which we all are always short of!

Trust me the answer will always be our BEDROOM…coz that’s the only place where you can be what you wish to be – happy & messy, silent & dull, excited & elated…whatever your real self is! What’s yours???

This rule is universal for everyone, all ages so, same goes for my naughty Omaira, she loves her room & specially her bed. Got so carried away with the thought of her room that I wrote few lines over it…another snappy trial check it out & share your views!!

kidslookbook omaira western wear look   summer lookbook fun daytime look party look fun playschool look - My room, my way !!

My room is my favourite place, I must confess

It gives me a smile and no stress

It makes me happy & cool

I love the big bunny on the stool

This dream catcher catches my dream

Love the dream of having a cake with lot of cream

Come to my room as I want you to rest

Enjoy yourself and have no stress!

Trust me tried 10 times reciting this poem with her mixing it up with a lot of actions but the only thing she held on to was the bunny….she was not bothered about anything else but the bunny on her stool…

I designed her room keeping a little British touch in mind as I just love the way they use pastel colours & prints like pink (a lot of pink actually), lightish green and prints like rosy prints and other floral accents.

I got this cradle bed specially made for her as I think a cradle bed gives that space and most importantly that super safe space to the child to play & enjoy 🙂

I chose the brighter version of these pastel colours & prints like the floral print on the wall paper, on  her bed linen full of darker & lighter fillings…the curtains and the ceiling frill of her bed is made up of a light green self designed net. My wishes were still not over so I got this big dream catcher and hung it at one corner of her bed…(I hope this dream catcher can catch all the thoughts & dreams in O’s little naughty head ) so that I can spy on her…just joking but I really wish it can push her dreams to reality!! Amen…

kidslookbook omaira western wear look   summer lookbook fun daytime look party look play date look - My room, my way !!

I noticed one thing that a she really owns her room and will always welcome you with that smile and witty look as if she is asking you “For what are you coming in?” but I still intrude her space & the poor baby has to accept it…hehehe….

I also hung this huge hand cut butterfly wooden wind chime which I bought from an hand art exhibition which makes this room a little musical and suits the entire look & feel of it.

You will not believe in the race of fixing the entire puzzle of the room I forgot to talk about her look…I have dressed her in this Carbon blue boot cut jeans which I bought from along with this pink top from (as her wish is my command!) I further layered it up with this green Hunter Jacket which I bought from and accented this over by a solid black belt which I tied a little higher to pepp up her style. Last and also the least I added this black Mary Jane strap shoes.

kidslookbook omaira western wear look   summer lookbook fun daytime look party look fun play date look - My room, my way !!

I hope you liked the world tour of Omairah’s world – her room!! & if you do please kindly share your valuable views and do share the details of your child’s world as I will love to read them all!!

Did you know?

The magical webs called dream catcher were earlier created by the mothers and grandmothers for their children& grand children.It is believed that the dream catcher will capture the bad dreams. The nightmares will disappear when the sun rises.To avoid the bad dream or nightmares, the dream catcher is hung over the bed of children.

Quick tip: Button up only the jacket(without any top inside) along with straight skirt and a broad solid belt and here you go another true killer hunter look for your diva.


Jeans :: Hopscotch
Top :: Hopscotch(similar)||Firstcry (similar)||Firstcry
Jacket :: Hopscotch
Shoes :: Hopscotch
Accessories (hair clips) :: Shopclues






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