NATURE is Everywhere!!!

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Good morning lovely mothers & fathers!!
Every morning I just love two things – sipping up hot cup of tea & fiddling with my camera. Its like a reading newspaper these days for me…I really lost the count of time while looking at the various pics and cherishing those beautiful moments!!


We are back in Delhi but trust me I am still stuck ion Goa…I wish I had a time machine in which I can relive those fun times again. So, let me share another Goa day with all of you. Me & Vikas (my hubby darling!!) decided to drive down to south Goa to enjoy a peaceful day…away from the hoooo halllaaa of North Goa. North Goa is really commercialized…tons of hotels, shopping areas, open markets, crowded roads…I am sure you can paint a picture now but on the other had South Goa is more relaxed, not so fast & commercial, more private houses, less street shops etc etc
We thought of connecting top the nature today…so, inquired about coconut groves in South Goa as It always wanted to show this to Omaira and I was finally getting a chance. We geared ourselves up with a pair to change, some munchies, sun tan lotions (most important) & water bottles..


I started giving coconut water to O when she was very young…probably in her seventh month as according to me that is the only fruit in today’s day & age which is not adulterated. It has tons of benefits…some of them are as follows:
A) Makes the skin healthier
B) Improves Digestion
C) Prevents dehydration
D) Helps develop strong bones
E) Treats intestinal worms
F) Neutralize Toxic affects
G) Boosts tons of energy


These are some few trust me the list is never ending. So, we took off in our scooty to VELSAO beach, which is actually a very beautiful place, is very much popular among foreign tourists. It makes for a quiet place to get away from it all in the company of just a lifeguard, a scattering of tourists and ohhhh so beautiful flocks of ever-singing sea birds. The beach road travels through thick coconut groves past dozens of old bungalows, whilst the coastal road around this stretch makes for a delicious countryside drive, studded with lakes and paddy fields.We just loved it as it was very peaceful & scenic. Omaira got really excited as she saw jumping frogs here & there…Omaira being O started jumping with them and the most hilarious was when ever she used to jump…she used to shout “JUMP…JUMP”. Every body was wondering who is this junglee??


For this mesmerizing exploratory (hehehehehe!!)afternoon, I dresses my doll in a very easy breezy way…I dressed her in this light green knee length dress had a very interesting layery effect. It was stitched to give a shorter layer over a longer layer effect which according me looked really different & catchy. The best part was the flowy touch of the fabric & three dimensional floral lace at the neckline. As you can see it made her look really stylish and swept people off their feet. I pulled up the adjustable straps according to her shoulders but its a really helpful kind of fastener as it instantly adjusts according to the requirement. I paired up these tiger print slip on shoes with it which blended quite well with the look. To round it up I tied her hair in a small bun & embellished it with a big golden glittery bow.

It was really away from all the noise and pollution of our metropolitan cities…I am sure you all will love to visit places like these…go check out more such Goa corners on & I am so sure you will find some thing you are looking for. Please kindly like & share us Facebook & Instagram . Kindly leave your valuable comments below as well as it will help me and my entire team to be better.

Have a great day ahead and don’t forget to catch us on JUNIOR’S FASHION WEEK, Delhi

Did you know?

Most birds roost in trees or walk on land when they’re tired of flying, but not sea birds. These birds are expert swimmers and may live miles from land for months or even years. Most of them have protective oils in their feathers to keep them dry.Sea birds eat fish, and lots of it. They can dive from the air to catch fish or dive to great depths in the ocean after their dinner. Some sea birds eat shellfish and insects.

Quick tip : Add a beautiful light coloured like baby pink netted or chiffon cape on the top of this dress and this will make her look like a true example of fashionable diva – QUEEN OF LAYERS!!



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