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kidslookbook blue shorts and pink top summer lookbook playdate look 3 - Its all about me & style....

Happy Monday everyone!

I know Monday’s are maddening as it comes after super relaxed weekend but don’t you worry I will surely bring that smile back to you!

I feel fashion is fashion and can be derived from any era, any place, or any person. A few days ago when I was cleaning O’s cupboard, I realized that she has a whole bunch of short – denim, linen, cotton so onn…

kidslookbook blue shorts and pink top summer lookbook playdate look 2 - Its all about me & style....

I just love her new shorts which has pockets at the sides (Omaira tried putting everything in them!), but honestly I’ve been struggling to find new ways to wear them. So, this post is a little selfish of me. I want to find some good outfit ideas for my angel! Cargo shorts, whether they’re army green, khaki, navy blue, or some other color, can be worn in so many different ways and I will surely try one today.

I just love every single piece as they all are really great and they can be teamed up with anything to dress her up, but sometimes I feel that I just want something a little more put-together for her, you know? So, I headed to various malls and checked out online as well, then finally I found a really cute pair of deep blue cargo shorts on by OshKosh B’gosh and happily made my way to checkout. I decided to mix up fashion garments of two sides of a coin – Men & Women.

So, I added a girly touch to these blue cargo pants by mixing up this off shoulders peach & pink floral top which my cousin sister Charu gifted Omaira. Shes a lovely woman and a dear sister…I will surely send her the pics as I know she will be super happy!

kidslookbook blue shorts and pink top summer lookbook playdate look 1 - Its all about me & style....

To accessorize it further, I donned this blue crystal choker in her neck which blended so elegantly with her off shoulder neckline! Amazing.. 😉

Chokers look very nice with a little sneaky peaky shoulder..I will also try it on me.heheheh

To complete the uber chic look I added this beige Beret cap which I bought earlier from along with a classic pair of glittery blue shoes which were also bought from

When is day when you felt that you need something different in clothes and style for your baby? How will you make her wear a cargo shorts? What did I forget? Please tell me in the comments as I will love to know more outfit combos with these shorts…looking forward for them!

kidslookbook blue shorts and pink top summer lookbook playdate look - Its all about me & style....

Did you know?

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is the largest cargo plane in the world and made its first landing in India at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad. The wide body aircraft is powered by six turbofan engines and is the longest and heaviest airplane ever built, with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes

Quick tip: To make it even more stunning add a light chambray shirt and oxford shoes for a preppy outfit. Trust me Chambray will make it absolute adorable…try it!



Shorts :: Hopscotch
Top :: Firstcry (similar)||Firstcry (similar)|| Mango (similar)
Headgear (beret hairband) :: Hopscotch
Shoes :: Hopscotch
Accessories (lace choker) :: Amazon





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