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Howdy all the lovely readers!

Summers are approaching and it’s always good to gear ourselves to make sure that our kids stay safe and still look stylish. Being stylish doesn’t mean that they have to be uncomfortable in what they are wearing, actually it should be the other way round their attires should be easy breezy comfortable along with right accessories.

kidslookbook summer look blue and white play date look omaira 3 150x150 - Summer looks

So, here we present a one stop solution for that perfect look for any summery occasion. Be it be a picnic or a play date, they will be ready to rock!!!

Let’s check out this fun Summerish Kids Look-Book….

kidslookbook summer look blue and white play date look omaira 1024x1024 - Summer looks

Today, I will introduce you to the little Mr. Picasso ?‍?, a hit & trial painter, big fan of nature ???(as he never wants to stay in the house…hehehehe??) a car ???enthusiast and has many more talents to offer.?
Come on people put your hands together ??? for the Italian hunk – Master Adhiraj ?….yupieeeeee!!!

summer look 2 tiny steps 1 150x150 - Summer looksMy next Valentine’s day ?? date is with this little handsome ?, I thought of taking him to a gaming arcade so went to Cyber hub ?games Arcade. This is an amazing world as there is some game or the other for everyone, all ages ?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

kidslookbook summer look blue and white play date look omaira 1 150x150 - Summer looks

As it’s cold ❄? I dressed him in this Italy inspired attire ???. I teamed up a classic pair of blue denims ?along with a deep pink turtle neck full sleeve warm shirt ?inside which looked quite well together. I am in love with double breasted jackets?, I think it is the most personality enhancer kind of garment. Keeping up with my thought I added this dark blue double breasted waist length coat ?on the top which had beautiful button ??detailing on the collar flaps as well, the really awesome part was that it actually had pockets…wowooo very well stitched no doubts.?

kidslookbook summer look blue and white play date look omaira 2 150x150 - Summer looks
To make it even more mind blowing ?? I added this silver plated hanger ? shaped broach on the jacket collar which made it look awwwwwe….bet you all agree, do you???

Picasso touch was still left so added this light greyish bluish beret ?on his head along with another classic pair of black ankle length boots??…and after that I was short of words ?to express my happiness!!!

Really wanted to give him a brush ?? in hand…but as we all know kids will always be kids…hehhehehehe??

Did you know?
Spain ??occupies most of Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, stretching south from the Pyrenees Mountains ?to the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates Spain from Africa.