Throwback…I am LOVING it !!

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kids lookbook omaira garden look3 - Throwback...I am LOVING it !!

Hello everyone!!

A very good morning everyone…I really had a good morning as while sipping my tea I was thinking about all the beautiful moments I have lived as a mother. I am in a little over whelming mood today as I still can’t digest the fact that I am a MOTHER!! times really flies…

kids lookbook omaira garden look4  - Throwback...I am LOVING it !!

Today, I am in a mood to relive those moments once again…I was checking my camera and found this treasure of pictures of darling daughter. Soon she will be turning two – two years of fun, two years of being patient, two years of hectic times…and in total two years of sheer bliss!!
While looking through my camera I found these beautiful old pictures when she was 13 months old & I took her to a botanical park near my house.
So, I will share some throw back pics today which reminds me of those beautiful days and I am so sure will bring that BIG smile on your face.

kids lookbook omaira garden look2 - Throwback...I am LOVING it !!

We have this huge botanical garden named “Tao Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park” near my house and really well kept…by looking at these pictures I remembered that I dressed her in this amazing combination of purple & blue.Their darker versions (dark purple & dark blue) look like sister colours but if worn in contrast (dark blue & light purple or vice versa) they look really awesome together. I blended this dark blue cargo shorts along with gold & silver printed purple T shirt. Both the garments had a fun touch to it as cargo shorts had a pockets at both sides and purple T shirt had a very interesting buttoned up fold at the sleeves….No doubts elements like these made the entire look really trendy. To add more trend to it I used these purple ankle length boots which had these floral broaches on the sides. I also coupled up the look with a satin floral broach pin and a blue floral hair clip to tie her maggie hair neatly. Last but not the least I accessoried her using this silver plated lock and key bracelet.

kids lookbook omaira garden look - Throwback...I am LOVING it !!

I remember to entertain my doll I played some music on my phone and as you all can see she instantly started dancing & enjoying it.
We call our old pics as throw back pics or throw back time but trust me I don’t want to ever throw these memories out of my head. I am so thankful to my God who blessed me with this angel…God bless her and bless all of you!!

kids lookbook omaira garden look1 - Throwback...I am LOVING it !!

I know I know today’s blog got a little over the top emotional but I hope you also lived those moments with me. If you liked this blog which I am sure you did please kindly share your throw back memories with me and write your sweet & salty stories to me at or just leave your comments in the box below.
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Did you know?
A botanical garden or botanic garden is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names.

Quick tip: Add a bright colour like yellow or multi coloured printed crop top with these cargo shorts and it will make a new look…super stylish & super trendy.



Mauve T-shirt  ::Amazon
Blue shorts :: Hopscotch
Accessories (silver bracelet) :: Firstcry || Flipkart
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One thought on “Throwback…I am LOVING it !!”

  • Roopika November 27, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    The color combination is lovely. I like the way a simple broach pin enhances the over all look of all the outfits you share. That’s a quick and easy way to accessorise!
    I remember dressing up my twins in twinning tshirts very often when they were babies… the ones that say – “buy one get one free” or “copy- paste” … They were the Center of attraction when ever I used to take them out to a mall or park in such twinning clothes.


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