We care..the WORLD cares!!

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kidslookbook omaira orange and white halo on head playdate look summer lookangel look wings to fly - We care..the WORLD cares!!

Stay healthy everyone…a very good morning!!

We do everything..everyday to make sure that our kids are healthy and always be like that but do we make them aware or help them to be more aware of their surroundings?? Do you do it?

kidslookbook omaira orange and white playdate look  angel look leukemia awareness wings - We care..the WORLD cares!!

I am sure most of us don’t follow this as a practice but ideally we all should so, that they know what’s good, bad & ugly and how can they fight it back?? I want to imbibe that feeling of Love, care & hope in them whatever may be the circumstances!!
I know I know sounds too much and too deep for young kids but trust me increasing awareness is very very important in all ages…I will also be learning in this entire process as their is no age to learn & be aware!!

So, I decided to start a regime of creating & sharing a little awareness not only for Omaira but for all the kids in my family. I took a bold step and decided to start with a very sensitive topic which is much talked about in the month of September as it is the Leukemia (Blood Cancer) awareness month.

kidslookbook omaira orange and white playdate look  halo on head angel look leukemia awareness - We care..the WORLD cares!!

I planned a small snack picnic along with a photo clicking session with all five kids – Omaira, Adhiraj, Parul, Parth & Kreeti as they all are very young so, I planned Omaira’s look around the colours representing the Awareness and they should learn in the fun process…
I bought these Light orange high waisted shorts with side buttons from as this colour represents the Leukemia awareness ribbon and teamed it up with a white T shirt. Colour white represents goodness, purity and most importantly depicts faith which should be passed on and imbibed in everyone.
To make it light hearted as I was dealing with kids I a topped up the look with other colours like yellow, blue, etc etc in these multi coloured polka dotted shoes which I bought from

kidslookbook omaira orange and white playdate look   angel look leukemia awareness - We care..the WORLD cares!!

I dint wanted it to be to too intense for them so, I gave everyone a chance to click Omaira… all of them loved it as they were born photographers!!
I also wanted to teach them about the Leukemia Awareness Angel so, I bought this white floral halo to give this angelic look to her and indeed she looked like a god send angel with those twinkle in her eyes and that innocence on her face.

All five kids had a great time and I was glad that they learned something about this ailment which is all around the world!! Their smiles & little gestures will surely build that hope and faith in everyone!!

Come on people let’s promise each other that we will stand by our kids, make ourselves & them aware of everything with a light hearted activities and build that strong connect & faith in their hearts!!

If you want to support me in this awareness drive please kindly share your kind comments as well and do check us more on Facebook & Instagram.

Did you know?
Awareness angels create more awareness and shows support towards the ailment and people suffering from it.

Quick Tip: To lead a beautiful life be happy…be aware & have faith in yourself!!


Top (spaghetti top) :: Firstcry
Shorts :: Hopscotch
Shoes :: Hopscotch
Accessories (floral hairband) :: Firstcry






One thought on “We care..the WORLD cares!!”

  • Priya October 9, 2017 at 5:13 am

    I just love this post for the simple reason that its really sensitive and put together in a very beautiful way! The entire post is so kids friendly and a topic like cancer is very difficult to explain specially to kids….but this post is indeed a sensitive way to educate & aware them about the same 🙂 hats off to the content people…keep it up….really nice !!


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