Wildflower : Beautiful & free…ya that’s me !!

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dsc 0151 - Wildflower : Beautiful & free...ya that's me !!

A very good morning everyone!!

Today our day started in a little different way…as we both – me & O got up really early so, thought of breaking the monotony by going to the garden near our residence. It just rained cats & dogs last night…what breeze man!…it was just perfect – a little chilly and a little warm!…Honestly, it was quite windy…but it was a beautiful morning!!

Omaira was so excited to see a frog jumping here..there and kept repeating the word “dance” as she thought the frog is dancing with her…it was hilarious as soon as she used to say “dance” he used to jump immediately…frog got tired but O was still on like a stuck record..””

DSC 0152  - Wildflower : Beautiful & free...ya that's me !!

To make her familiar with the nature I took her near the flower beds and she instantly made another friend as there was a bee…buzzing the beginning Omaira got really scared but O being O couldn’t control herself and started jumping like a spring!!

The entire feeling was just too nice & healthy – that fresh air, rain droplets on the grass..leaves..she just loved it…was very evident!

She was very elated looking at the different colour flowers as well as bees going in & out of the flower…she revised the colour red & pink atleast 50 times!! uff it was tiring to handle her & her super excitement….

kids lookbook summer garden playdate look omaira white and t shirt look - Wildflower : Beautiful & free...ya that's me !!

I dressed her in this green trousers which had a very cool feature of elasticated ends which I bought from Hopscotch along with this white, gold & swaraosky printed white over sized T-shirt (along with a white spegetti top inside, as it was bit chilly) which I tucked at a side with the help of white and gold cat broach pin…ohh I have no words to put it together but it looked gorgeously cute!!

I used these uber sparkly dull sequence slip on shoes which were very delicately finished with white piping detail which I bought fromto live up to the ultimate combo of golden – white I finished the look with a golden wired mesh hair band which I bought from…………….which actually added that last spark to my diva.

Looking at O and her never ending fun & all the healthy reasons, I have taken a pledge that I will take her down every alternate day…try it as I can bet my entire fortune on it that you and your little ones will just enjoy it!

kids lookbook summer garden playdate look omaira white t shirt - Wildflower : Beautiful & free...ya that's me !!

I hope you liked our little encounter with the nature and its beautiful creatures…and if you do please kindly leave your little encounter stories & kind comments as reading them is healthier than anything else 😉

Did you know?

The idea that frogs can change into people is very popular in many cultures.  The most famous story is that of the Frog Prince.The story is simple:A frog woos a princess and asks for a kiss. At first the princess is frightened and disgusted, but she feels sorry for the poor frog and kisses him. Suddenly, the frog is transformed into a handsome prince, and the prince and princess are married, living happily ever after.

Quick tip: Team the oversize shirt with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans along with a bandanna on the head…uff too boho to handle..try it and make her turn the heads!


Shorts :: Hopscotch
Top :: First cry (similar)
Headgear (glitter head bow) :: FirstCry
Shoes :: Hopscotch || Fisrtcry (similar)
Accessories (Cat brooch) :: Amazon






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