Winters are here!

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winter look omaira kidsloobook 2 - Winters are here!

Hello everyone!!
summer has gone and Gone for good as I love winters…..that slight chilly wind and that beautiful foggy weather…I am sure everyone likes it!!
Winter also introduces a lot of layery fashion…layers over layers which makes you look really stylish…..obviously in the right style.
So, today Omaira and me are going to one of my old friends new office inaugural get together… I am really thrilled as I’ll be meeting all my buddies and quittances in the crowd. Just to give you the brief…my friend Shipra is an interior designer and this is her office’s inaugural party. Its gonna be a day affair but still it is a little cold for Omaira and I will love to try the layery fashion on her.?

kidsloobook winter look omaira blue coat beige coat fun5 - Winters are here!

As its day time I wanted to use subtle colours on her… So I coupled my favourite two colours which can never go wrong and look brilliant when merged together. They are none other than – BEIGE & BLUE….so classy!!
I adorned this dark blue chinos along with a plain beige full sleeves top…what do you think guys how does this look??
To add another layer to this combo I added this light beige double breasted coat (a shade lighter than the top). I think this is a very well made coat as it is beautifully stitched with accents like frill on the cuffs and front panels which gives it a very new age look…I also really liked the buttons on the top with those swarosky on the top…very girly!!!

winter look omaira kidsloobook fun blue chinos and beige coat 4 - Winters are here!

I was still not completely happy with it as I wanted a little more beige & blue in it…okok I agree I am a little mad when it comes to dress O up…so I added this these plain beige Mary Jane strap shoes in which the straps were finished with a beautiful chiffon cut work flower which added that extra edge to her look and I also wrapped this polka dotted white, dark blue & light blue pure chiffon scarf around her neck…. I am not joking I fell in love with myself once again to think of a combo like this…really apt for autumn – winter and perfect for daytime!!
I am sure you all agree because beige and blue are universal colours and never fail to impress.

kidsloobook winter look omaira  blue chinos beige coat6 - Winters are here!

If you agree with me that’s EXCELLENT and if you don’t that’s even better as your opinion matters to me more than anything….so, please share your views below or leave your kind comments on FB & Instagram.
winter look omaira kidsloobook 3 - Winters are here!

winter look omaira kidsloobook - Winters are here! Did you know?

 India’s Hindu calendar has 6 seaons – Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter and Prevernal.

Quick tip : Wrap a warm scarf around and your little ones will be suitably dressed for the Winter season with a int of style.

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