WINTERS…Oh what fun!

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kidslookbook omaira winter look pink coat brown dress floral shoes - WINTERS...Oh what fun!

Hello everyone!!

How are you today…I must confess that I am really enjoying the subtle winters and waiting for the actual winter to roll in as I think winter is really a season to enjoy…ya honestly without this smog & dirty air as Delhi is really going bad day by day.

kidslookbook omaira winter look pink coat brown dress floral shoes 6 - WINTERS...Oh what fun!

We all should do our bit to make sure that the situation should not go from worse to worsen. Now leaving this serious topic behind let’s start today’s blog which is yet another early winter kind of look!!

kidslookbook omaira winter look pink coat brown dress floral shoes 5 - WINTERS...Oh what fun!

As I mentioned in my last blog that I love layery fashion as you can really play around with layers…long coats to short capes to just a simple wrap of a warm mufler…all of them add a zing to the look and raise the bar to exceptional winter looks. There are some colours & tones which are never out of fashion beat it be any season they stay and stay for ever…like Black, Beige, pinks etc etc

Today look is an early winter look when the temperature has not dropped drastically…I have coupled up two 24 x 7 x 365 fashion colours – camel colour or you can say a darker version of beige along with the most girly colour in the world…and the award goes to none other than the colour pink.

kidslookbook omaira winter look pink coat brown dress floral shoes 2 - WINTERS...Oh what fun!

I was a quite a tom boy when I used to be a child but really feel like dressing Omaira in girly fashion so I bought this brown coloured printed dress which was exactly something I will love to wear …soft bleated bottom…loose balloon sleeves with cuffs along with a loose tie up bow neckline which I bought from The print on the dress is very random floral…actually not exactly floral print with different colours from black to blue, light blue and pink…looks really different and stands out…I am sure you all agree??does it stand out to you?
kidslookbook omaira winter look pink coat brown dress floral shoes 4 - WINTERS...Oh what fun!

It had very soft self textured pleats at the lower half basically at the skirting…which made it look really nice & gives a lot of room for any child to run and enjoy. I personally like this dress as I love the cloth of it and the loose tied up bow neckline…tie it messy…tie it old school…tie it fun way everything will add more layery fun to it. I mixed it with light pink jacket which was shorter than the dress below which made it look different as in usual winter looks weather its for kids or adults coats/jackets are generally longer than the dresses below.

kidslookbook omaira winter look pink coat brown dress floral shoes 3 - WINTERS...Oh what fun!

As it was not too cold so I kept it open…I did a very smart thing by already adding another layer of warmer inside her dress to make sure she is covered from chilly winds. I connected the entire beginner winter look with a printed peachy pinkish shoes which blended amazingly with other elements. These are printed white and pink closed shoes which had this amazing cut chiffon floral broach on the top which without a doubt lifted the look another level of fun and fashion…I just love such combos when most unexpected elements bring so much life to a look…camel colour is dull but to balance it out I used this pink tone to it… jacket has a straight silhouette balanced out perfectly with that loose pleated skirting…no hair accessory which balanced the big chunky floral broach shoes….so moral of the story is BALANCE is the crux of everything in life. Weather its work life balance….or colours and silhouette balance…everything eventually falls perfectly…..ok ok I know too much of gyaaan…with that note I will take a leave with a promise to come back with another trendy….anothe fun story and lots of fun & fashion…till then bbye chow chow!!!

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Did you know?

The coldest temperature ever recorded was minus 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit in at the Russian research station in Vostok, Antarctica, on July 21, 1983…..Ohhhh sounds too cold and too scary!!

Quick tip: Add some beautiful gold charms inside the bow when you tie it up and it will act a neck piece with some chunky jewels into it…sounds fun right…lets try it as I have never tried it myself…do let me know how it looked on your little princess!!


 Printed camel color dress  :: Hopscotch
Pink coat :: Firstcry (similar) || Hopscotch (similar)
Chiffon floral Shoes :: Hopscotch

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